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[PSoC㈢ Mixed-Signal Array]
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PSoC® Mixed-Signal Array
CY8C21234, CY8C21334,
CY8C21434, CY8C21534, and CY8C21634
Final Data Sheet
Powerful Harvard Architecture Processor
M8C Processor Speeds to 24 MHz
Low Power at High Speed
2.4V to 5.25V Operating Voltage
Operating Voltages Down to 1.0V Using
On-Chip Switch Mode Pump (SMP)
Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
Advanced Peripherals (PSoC Blocks)
4 Analog Type “E” PSoC Blocks Provide:
- 2 Comparators with DAC Refs
- Single or Dual 8-Bit 28 Channel ADC
4 Digital PSoC Blocks Provide:
- 8- to 32-Bit Timers, Counters, and PWMs
- CRC and PRS Modules
- Full-Duplex UART, SPI™ Master or Slave
- Connectable to All GPIO Pins
Complex Peripherals by Combining Blocks
Flexible On-Chip Memory
8K Flash Program Storage 50,000 Erase/Write
512 Bytes SRAM Data Storage
In-System Serial Programming (ISSP™)
Partial Flash Updates
Flexible Protection Modes
EEPROM Emulation in Flash
Complete Development Tools
Free Development Software
(PSoC Designer™)
Full-Featured, In-Circuit Emulator and
Full Speed Emulation
Complex Breakpoint Structure
128K Trace Memory
Precision, Programmable Clocking
Internal ±2.5% 24/48 MHz Oscillator
Internal Oscillator for Watchdog and Sleep
Programmable Pin Configurations
25 mA Drive on All GPIO
Pull Up, Pull Down, High Z, Strong, or Open
Drain Drive Modes on All GPIO
Up to 8 Analog Inputs on GPIO
Configurable Interrupt on All GPIO
Versatile Analog Mux
Common Internal Analog Bus
Simultaneous Connection of IO Combinations
Capacitive Sensing Application Capability
Additional System Resources
C™ Master, Slave and Multi-Master to
400 kHz
Watchdog and Sleep Timers
User-Configurable Low Voltage Detection
Integrated Supervisory Circuit
On-Chip Precision Voltage Reference
PSoC® Functional Overview
The PSoC® family consists of many
Mixed-Signal Array with
On-Chip Controller
devices. These devices are designed to
replace multiple traditional MCU-based system components
with one, low cost single-chip programmable component. A
PSoC device includes configurable blocks of analog and digital
logic, as well as programmable interconnect. This architecture
allows the user to create customized peripheral configurations,
to match the requirements of each individual application. Addi-
tionally, a fast CPU, Flash program memory, SRAM data mem-
ory, and configurable IO are included in a range of convenient
The PSoC architecture, as illustrated on the left, is comprised of
four main areas: the Core, the System Resources, the Digital
System, and the Analog System. Configurable global bus
resources allow all the device resources to be combined into a
complete custom system. Each CY8C21x34 PSoC device
includes four digital blocks and four analog blocks. Depending
on the PSoC package, up to 28 general purpose IO (GPIO) are
also included. The GPIO provide access to the global digital
and analog interconnects.
The PSoC Core
The PSoC Core is a powerful engine that supports a rich
instruction set. It encompasses SRAM for data storage, an
interrupt controller, sleep and watchdog timers, and IMO (inter-
nal main oscillator) and ILO (internal low speed oscillator). The
January 12, 2007
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