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[EZ-USB AT2LP™ USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI Bridge]
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CY7C68300C, CY7C68301C
CY7C68320C, CY7C68321C
EZ-USB AT2LP™ USB 2.0 to
Supports Compact Flash and one ATA/ATAPI Device
Supports Board-level Manufacturing Test using the USB I/F
Can Place the ATA Interface in High Impedance (Hi-Z) to enable
Sharing of the ATA Bus with another Controller such as an
IEEE-1394 to ATA Bridge Chip or MP3 Decoder)
Low Power 3.3V Operation
Fully Compatible with Native USB Mass Storage Class Drivers
Cypress Mass Storage Class Drivers available for Windows
(98SE, ME, 2000, XP) and Mac OS X operating systems
Fixed Function Mass Storage Device—Requires no Firmware
Two Power Modes: Self Powered and USB Bus Powered to
enable Bus Powered CF Readers and Truly Portable USB Hard
Certified Compliant for USB 2.0 (TID# 40490119), the USB
Mass Storage Class, and the USB Mass Storage Class
Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) Specification
Operates at High Speed (480 Mbps) or Full Speed (12 Mbps)
Complies with ATA/ATAPI-6 Specification
Supports 48-bit Addressing for Large Hard Drives
Supports ATA Security Features
Supports any ATA Command with the ATACB Function
Supports Mode Page 5 for BIOS Boot Support
Supports ATAPI Serial Number VPD Page Retrieval for Digital
Rights Management (DRM) Compatibility
Supports PIO Modes 0, 3, and 4, Multiword DMA Mode 2, and
UDMA Modes 2, 3, and 4
Uses one small External Serial EEPROM for Storage of USB
Descriptors and Device Configuration Data
ATA Interface IRQ Signal Support
Supports one or two ATA/ATAPI Devices
Features (CY7C68320C/CY7C68321C only)
Supports HID Interface or Custom GPIOs to enable features
such as Single Button Backup, Power Off, LED-based Notifi-
cation, and so on
56-Pin QFN and 100-Pin TQFP Pb-free Packages
CY7C68321C is Ideal for Battery Powered Designs
CY7C68320C is Ideal for Self and Bus Powered Designs
Features (CY7C68300C/CY7C68301C only)
Pin Compatible with CY7C68300A (using Backward
Compatibility Mode)
56-Pin SSOP and 56-Pin QFN Pb-free Packages
CY7C68301C is Ideal for Battery Powered Designs
CY7C68300C is Ideal for Self and Bus Powered Designs
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Document 001-05809 Rev. *C
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Revised July 08, 2009