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[Low Cost 3.3V Spread Aware Zero Delay Buffer]
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CY23S09, CY23S05
Low Cost 3.3V Spread Aware
Zero Delay Buffer
10 MHz to 100 and 133 MHz operating range, compatible
with CPU and PCI bus frequencies
Zero input-output propagation delay
Multiple low skew outputs
Output-output skew less than 250 ps
Device-device skew less than 700 ps
One input drives five outputs (CY23S05)
One input drives nine outputs, grouped as 4 + 4 + 1
Less than 200 ps cycle-to-cycle jitter is compatible with
based systems
Test mode to bypass PLL (CY23S09 only, see
Available in space saving 16-pin, 150-mil SOIC, 4.4 mm
TSSOP, and 150-mil SSOP ( CY23S09) or 8-pin, 150-mil
SOIC package (CY23S05)
3.3V operation, advanced 0.65μ CMOS technology
Spread Aware
MHz frequencies and have higher drive than the -1 devices. All
parts have on-chip PLLs that lock to an input clock on the REF
pin. The PLL feedback is on-chip and is obtained from the
The CY23S09 has two banks of four outputs each, which can be
controlled by the select inputs as shown in the Select Input
Decoding table on
three-stated. The select inputs also allow the input clock to be
directly applied to the outputs for chip and system testing
The CY23S09 and CY23S05 PLLs enter a power down mode
when there are no rising edges on the REF input. In this state,
the outputs are three-stated and the PLL is turned off, resulting
in less than 12.0
of current draw (for commercial temperature
devices) and 25.0
(for industrial temperature devices). The
CY23S09 PLL shuts down in one additional case, as shown in
Multiple CY23S09 and CY23S05 devices can accept the same
input clock and distribute it. In this case, the skew between the
outputs of two devices is guaranteed to be less than 700 ps.
All outputs have less than 200 ps of cycle-to-cycle jitter. The input
to output propagation delay on both devices is guaranteed to be
less than 350 ps; the output to output skew is guaranteed to be
less than 250 ps.
The CY23S05 and CY23S09 is available in two different config-
urations, as shown in the
CY23S05-1 and CY23S09-1 is the base part. The CY23S05-1H
and CY23S09-1H is the high drive version of the -1, and its rise
and fall times are much faster than -1.
Functional Description
The CY23S09 is a low cost 3.3V zero delay buffer designed to
distribute high speed clocks and is available in a 16-pin SOIC
package. The CY23S05 is an 8-pin version of the CY23S09. It
accepts one reference input, and drives out five low skew clocks.
The -1H versions of each device operate at up to 100 and 133
Logic Block Diagram
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