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[Three-PLL Serial-Programmable Flash-Programmable Clock Generator]
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CY22393, CY22394, CY22395
Three-PLL Serial-Programmable
Flash-Programmable Clock Generator
Three integrated phase-locked loops (PLLs)
Ultra wide divide counters (8-bit Q, 11-bit P, and 7-bit post
Improved linear crystal load capacitors
Flash programmability with external programmer
Low jitter, high accuracy outputs
Power management options (Shutdown, OE, Suspend)
Configurable crystal drive strength
Frequency select through three external LVTTL inputs
3.3V operation
16-pin TSSOP package
CyClocksRT™ software support
Generates up to three unique frequencies on up to six
outputs from an external source.
Allows for 0 ppm frequency generation and frequency
conversion in the most demanding applications.
Improves frequency accuracy over temperature, age,
process, and initial ppm offset.
Nonvolatile programming enables easy customization,
ultra-fast turnaround, performance tweaking, design timing
margin testing, inventory control, lower part count, and more
secure product supply. In addition, any part in the family can
be programmed multiple times, which reduces programming
errors and provides an easy upgrade path for existing
In-house programming of samples and prototype quantities
is available using the CY3672 FTG Development Kit.
Production quantities are available through Cypress
Semiconductor’s value-added distribution partners or by
using third-party programmers from BP Microsystems, HiLo
Systems, and others.
Performance suitable for high-end multimedia, communica-
tions, industrial, A/D converters, and consumer applications.
Supports numerous low power application schemes and
reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) by allowing
unused outputs to be turned off.
Adjust crystal drive strength for compatibility with virtually all
3-bit external frequency select options for PLL1, CLKA, and
Industry standard packaging saves on board space.
Easy to use software support for design entry.
2-wire serial interface allows in-system programming into
volatile configuration memory. All frequency settings can be
changed, providing literally millions of frequency options.
Adjust output buffer strength to lower EMI or improve timing
Fine tune crystal oscillator frequency by changing load
Differential output up to 400 MHz.
Provides interfacing option for low voltage parts.
Advanced Features
2-wire serial interface for in-system configurability
Configurable output buffer
Digital VCXO
High frequency LVPECL output (CY22394 only)
3.3/2.5V outputs (CY22395 only)
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
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Revised October 10, 2008